3 Ways Students Can Develop Strong Online Research Skills


Students today do not know the world without the Internet. They spend days and nights on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat but hardly know how to translate all this information into learning. Gen Z don’t necessarily think critically about what they find online.

As educators, we can teach them the academic side of the Internet.

Why is this so critical?

• Online research skills and critical writing are among the essentials for the progression of students throughout university life and their future careers.
• Studies show that young people do not focus on the credibility of the sources they use; they cannot explain why they choose certain websites, authors and publications.
• Surveys show that many students do not understand how to use online sources to support their arguments.

Educators can help students effectively assess information online. Its volume continues to grow and it is important that young people know how to separate the gems from the garbage and become critical writers and consumers, not just viewers.

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Paul N. Strickland

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