Counseling tools in secondary education”

The study will measure the impact and effectiveness of implementing counseling tools to help students discover CTE pathways

TORONTO, January 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Xello, the award-winning K-12 College, Career and Future Readiness program, and MDRC, a nonprofit, nonpartisan education and social policy research organization, today announced the participation of Xello has an upcoming research project titled “CTE Advise: Advising Tools in Secondary Education.” The study aims to measure the effectiveness of technology-enabled counseling tools in understanding if and how they influence student thinking about career options, choosing relevant career and technical education (CTE) courses, and options work-based learning, and decisions regarding the concentration of CTE in available pathways and programs of study.

As the popularity of CTE programs continues to grow in high schools, ensuring equitable outcomes requires that information about available career options be accessible to students of all backgrounds, abilities, and aspirations in a holistic and meaningful way. Technology-enabled counseling tools are designed to enable schools and districts to extend the reach of their programming and spur student action by helping students identify the interests, skills, and personality traits that could make them successful in a variety of careers, including ones they may not have otherwise been aware of or identified as areas of interest.

The study “CTE Advise: Advising Tools in Secondary Education” will focus on understanding how programs, such as Xello, contribute to more equitable student outcomes by examining the results of ninth grade students in selected schools in using “Xello for High School”. The effectiveness and results of the tool will be evaluated using anonymized student-level data collected from districts during the 2021/22, 2022/23, and 2024/25 school years, including:

  • Assessment results that reveal students’ interests, personalities, learning styles and professional matches.
  • Student attendance, academic progress and graduation progress indicators, and course attendance data.
  • Demographics such as race, gender, individualized educational program status, and English learner status.
  • Student surveys and interviews, and any other reports or metrics that provide students with guidance on study and career opportunities.

“As a company dedicated to supporting all students across all backgrounds, we are honored to partner with the MDRC and the schools participating in the study,” said Matt McQuillen, co-founder and CEO of Xello. “This provides an incredible opportunity to better understand the effectiveness of career development tools like ours in helping students identify and pursue CTE and career opportunities, especially in schools with career services. This is a longer-term study, with interim reports slated for release, and we look forward to sharing the results and leveraging learnings to further improve our program and practices.”

Xello’s participation in the study will be active over a three-year period, but evaluation of schools participating in the study will continue – and be funded – through 2025. MDRC plans to confirm the full list of schools participants by spring 2022. For more information about the study, please click on here.

Xello is used in over 9,000 schools across North America, and has earned a reputation as a high-quality college education and career planning solution for K-12 school districts. Xello has won numerous awards, including an EdTech Award for Best Career Planning Solution. To learn more about Xello implementation strategies and options, districts can contact the Xello team Education Advisors.

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MDRC, a non-profit, non-partisan organization, is committed to finding solutions to some of the toughest issues facing the nation, from reducing poverty and increasing economic mobility to improving public education and university graduation rates. The MDRC designs promising new interventions, evaluates existing programs using the highest research standards, and provides technical assistance to develop better programs and implement effective interventions at scale. For more information:

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