Fox News’ Bream combines Christian education and research skills in new book

Fox News legal eagle Shannon Bream says her new book, “Bible Mothers and Daughters Speak: Lessons in Faith from Nine Bible Families,” reflects both her evangelical Christian background and the skills of research she honed in law school.

“I’m totally nerd,” said “Fox News @ Night” anchor Ms. Bream. “I love to learn and one of the best things law school did for me was that research skill, and that there are always many sides to the story and you have to go and dig them all out. and find them.”

His book, published on Tuesday, presents family stories known to generations of readers in a captivating style that suggests a “Masterpiece Theatre” plot more than a Sunday morning homily. Ms Bream will host a special on the subject on Sunday evening, Fox News Channel said.

Ms Bream, 51, said she hoped readers would find strength and inspiration in the women’s Bible stories, just as she found through prayer when thoughts of self-harm left her struck at its lowest moments.

She spent years unable to sleep for more than two hours at a time, suffering from an extreme case of dry eye coupled with a “genetic corneal disease that I didn’t know about”, she said.

Although a doctor claimed she was ‘too emotional’, Ms Bream said she ‘lived in chronic pain… and constantly walked in a fog as my condition got worse and worse’.

“I was always praying, you know, those nights I couldn’t sleep and I was on the bathroom floor just in pain, looking for anything that could possibly help ease it and having no answer” , she said.

A three-word plea, “Lord, help me,” was all she could muster during those nights, but “I knew God understands suffering,” she said.

Reading the stories of other people with similar conditions online, Ms Bream said: “It didn’t seem crazy when [other sufferers] said they just wanted to fall asleep and not wake up. She said, however, “I knew it wasn’t the right decision for me.”

Instead, her prayer led her to confide in her husband, Sheldon Bream, a professional speaker rep and brain tumor survivor. Together they found a doctor who could help them, and Ms Bream says the last decade of treatment “has been a bit of a miracle in my life”.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly listed the title of Ms. Bream’s new book.

Paul N. Strickland