Importance of honing creative and research skills in business administration


Today’s global business environment is highly competitive, so it is crucial for organizations to be research-driven and creative, in order to stand out and build brand value. Research tells management and strategists what has worked for them and their competitors in the industry, and what has not. According to an IBM survey, more than 1,500 CEOs have ranked creativity as the top priority, above company vision and management discipline, for the future success of the company. Therefore, companies are looking for candidates with the necessary creativity and research skills.

Why creativity?

When students focus on improving their creativity and innovation skills, they stand out. Not only does this help them show potential employers that they can think outside the box, it also gives them the confidence to take ownership of their thinking process. Incorporating creative thinking and skills into the study environment can help students improve their career prospects by learning to identify their strengths and weaknesses and delegate tasks. It also helps them function as part of a group, which builds team spirit and makes their projects, learning and work more fun and inclusive. Additionally, creative thinking inspires students to constantly seek out the best solutions, alternatives, ideas, and approaches.

Need for research skills

Undertaking business administration research is important because it helps students understand and prepare a field-tested strategy for the future, in light of what has (and hasn’t) been tried and tested before. With the right research skills, students can learn to avoid the pitfalls of plagiarism and failure, and identify exactly what they need to do to become more valuable in the sea of ​​competition. Prospective employers prefer candidates with strong research skills as they are more likely to constantly learn and help improve systems and functions of various processes.

That said, there are several areas in a business environment that require research skills. For example, research helps students understand the viability and scope of success of a new idea or innovation. This reduces the dangers and helps to recognize the risks in order to avoid chasing dead ends and to focus the energy on advancing the articles / ideas focused on the real demand in the market.

Thus, any candidate seeking a career in business administration must continually hone and improve their creative and research skills.

The author is Managing Director and CEO, GIBS Business School, Bangalore


Paul N. Strickland

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