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BURNSVILLE, Minnesota., Sept. 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Metro Baseball League, a non-profit organization established to serve youth baseball in Minnesota, conducted a research study to understand both overall satisfaction with youth baseball and how to most effectively position and communicate its benefits to parents, communities, administrators, coaches, referees and influencers during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

MBL / MBT (Minnesota Baseball Tournaments) hired an external research firm, Diedrich RPM, to conduct an independent study to gain an objective perspective on the state of youth baseball in twin cities metropolitan area, south Minnesota, and western Wisconsin.

A total of 787 respondents responded to the entire research survey, and all statistical tests were performed at a 95% confidence level.

When asked what factors are critical to keeping players active in baseball, “fun” was the number one attribute, followed by “the coach,” emphasizing the importance of good leadership.

The most important attributes among survey respondents are “Accurate and Fair Classification of Skill Level of Players” and “Player Experience”. Other qualities mentioned as the most important included training, children’s ability to play with friends, equal play time, and various areas related to travel programs.

The MBL was selected by 50% of respondents as the youth baseball organization / club with which they were most familiar; no other organization received more than 12%. Almost 80% would recommend their main organization / club to other parents or members of the youth baseball community.

“Fair” was the word most commonly used to describe their thoughts on the cost of league and MBL play.

Almost a third of respondents learn about youth club organizations, leagues, tournaments and teams by word of mouth, with online research being the second source reported. Almost 85% prefer email communication when contacted about their child / player’s baseball activities.


Since 1992, MBL / MBT has been dedicated to providing competitive community baseball, while keeping fees low for participants ages 8 to 16. With over 9,000 athletes, we are one of the biggest independent leagues like this in the nation. We are a 501 (c) (3) organization and provide grants to communities for the improvement of grounds and facilities as well as scholarships for those in need. His dedicated staff, sponsors and volunteers hope and plan to continue this commitment for many years to come.

For more information visit or call the Executive Director of MBL, Bob lilledahl at 952.746.7754

SOURCE Metropolitan Baseball League


Paul N. Strickland