Miku Partners with Boston Children’s Hospital in Research Study to Develop Seizure Detection Solution

Study enabled by $250,000 Awarded prizes in the Epilepsy Foundation Shark Tank competition

LOS ANGELES, October 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ahead of National Epilepsy Awareness Month in November, miku, the company that revolutionized the pediatric wellness space using a contactless respiratory and sleep monitoring system, in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital, announced a first-of-its-kind epilepsy research study , using an experimental monitoring device. In early 2021, Miku and Dr. Tobias Lodenkemper of Boston Children’s Hospital participated in the Epilepsy Foundation’s Shark tank competition, which seeks the most innovative ideas in the treatment and care of epilepsy. A total of 25 individuals or teams participated in the competition from United States and seven other countries around the world. Miku and Dr. Loddenkemper were proudly named investment prize winners and honored $250,000 to start the study. This research aims to monitor and ultimately detect generalized tonic-clonic seizures, which occur in 25% of all patients with seizures and are the most common type of generalized seizure in adults. These seizures are also a major risk factor for unexpected sudden death in epilepsy (SUDEP).

We are very pleased that this study can bring us closer to early detection, which could help patients get treatment sooner.

The IRB-approved study aims to capture generalized tonic-clonic seizure events on study participants. Patients will be monitored by Miku’s non-contact SensorFusion® technology and, simultaneously, by a video-EEG system, the “gold standard” of hospital monitoring considered by the industry.

“We are very pleased that this study can bring us closer to early detection, which can help patients get treatment sooner and ultimately benefit the epilepsy community. With Miku’s contactless monitoring, this is a huge opportunity to collect better data and develop a detection method that can help more people in more homes.” – Tobias Loddenkemper, MD, Director of Clinical Research at epilepsy, Boston Children’s Hospital.

The results of this study will be submitted to a peer-reviewed publication. Additionally, Miku intends to use the data from the study to train and ultimately validate Miku’s seizure detection algorithms and AI.

“In the future, Miku’s research hopes to unlock the keys not only to detecting generalized tonic-clonic seizures, but also to predicting seizure activity before it occurs based on longitudinal trends in well-being. in terms of breathing, heart rate and sleep combined with the patient’s seizure history,” says Eric White, co-founder of Miku and chief product and technology officer. “Miku is also exploring the possibility of detecting other types of seizures where the patient has no obvious movements, known as absence seizures.”

Miku’s SensorFusion® contactless monitoring solution has the potential to reduce usage compliance issues by eliminating the need to wear, charge or clean a wearable device, devices that can often be uncomfortable for a patient to wear. during his sleep. In pediatric care, monitoring Miku without a wearable device would reduce the risk of a patient removing a wearable device and create dangerous gaps in monitoring. Beyond wearables, SensorFusion® technology would overcome the challenges of existing camera-only or under-mattress devices. In scenarios with blankets, obstructions, and shadows in a crib or bed of any size, Miku continues to provide surveillance coverage for the Guardians.

“We heard incredible support in our conversations with parents of children with epilepsy. We knew there was a real need in the community for a contactless epilepsy monitoring solution. We are honored to work with Boston Children’s Hospital and the Epilepsy Foundation to develop a breakthrough non-contact solution for general tonic-clonic seizure detection, utilizing Miku’s radar, audio and video capabilities,” said Foal SemanMiku Co-founder and Marketing Director.

“The Shank Tank competition is one of many research investment initiatives we have that foster the development of innovative ideas and help bring them to market faster,” said Jacqueline French, MD, Chief Medical and Innovation Officer, Epilepsy Foundation. “It’s promising to see Miku’s experimental epilepsy detection technology move from the development phase into clinical studies, giving hope to parents and caregivers of loved ones with seizures.”

About Miku

Miku is a pediatric health monitoring company that creates products that make it easy for parents to understand their child’s breathing and sleep behaviors and patterns. The contactless Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor and corresponding analytics platform provide parents with easy access to breathing and sleep data, all without the use of a wearable device.

Founded in 2018, Miku’s proprietary clinically tested SensorFusion™ products and technology have won awards from Fast Company, CES, Good Housekeeping, Babylist, Digital Trends, and more. for innovation, design and the best in the industry. In partnership with established universities, hospital systems, research organizations, investors and executives, Miku is a pioneer in contactless monitoring in the pediatric field. For more information, please visit mikucare.com. follow us on instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About the Epilepsy Foundation

With a network of partners across United States, the Epilepsy Foundation is leading the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy. The Foundation connects people to treatment, support and resources; leads advocacy efforts; funds innovative research and the training of specialists; and educates the public about epilepsy and seizure first aid. For more than five decades, The Epilepsy Foundation has brought epilepsy to light to promote awareness and understanding, and to advocate for laws that matter to people with epilepsy, while funding epilepsy research and supporting investigators and epilepsy specialists early in their careers. In partnership with the CDC, the Epilepsy Foundation has helped improve access to care for people with epilepsy, expanded its digital reach and online resources to homes across the country, and trained more than 600 000 people in crisis recognition and first aid. The Epilepsy Foundation continues to focus on serving the epilepsy community through advocacy, education, direct service, and research into new therapies. To find out more visit epilepsy.fr or call 1.800.332.1000. follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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