More seek work-life balance, new study finds

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – A new research study points out that a growing number of people are leaving their jobs to pursue other opportunities that offer a better work-life balance.

The study, called “I can’t wait with Generation Z” came out this year. The research was conducted on young people between the ages of 15 and 25 and compared with those over the age of 25.

Krasi Staykov, a sophomore at UofL, worked with the panel that conducted the research.

“The type of research took place in two parts. First, they released a fairly large survey that reached many people online. Then the second part of their research was doing small focus groups,” said U of L student Krasi Staykov.

The study shows that people classified as “Gen Z” are more likely to search for what they want. When asked to identify their aspirations before they hit 30, Gen Z ranked financial independence above all else.

20% prefer creative, unconventional and social environments unlike the previous generation. Only about 1 in 10 said they were attracted to conventional office jobs.

A local Louisville business on East Market Street, named El Toro IP Targeting, has found unique ways to promote balance for its employees.

Ben Merk started working in the development department of El Toro a few months ago.

“It was amazing. There is a sense of compassion throughout the place. We really like to work hard, when the problem arises and the situation calls for it. But we also like to play hard,” said Ben Mark, who works at El Toro.

Inside El Toro, offices are set up without walls between them to encourage collaboration. They have a bourbon room, nursing room for mothers, workout room, hair salon, daycare, and even a play center.

“These are all things that contribute to our success because when we come back to the sets of the project, we are fresh and we can conquer them together,” said Ben Merk.

“I think people are starting to gravitate towards this idea that they really don’t have the same interests as their employers,” Staykov said. “I think that’s why we were seeing things like more people starting to unionize now. More employees jump from one job to another because they recognize that it may not be the best solution for me. »

Currently, according to the study, more than half 52% of Zoomers between the ages of 15 and 25 work part-time or full-time, 23% work more than one job. 62%, have found roles that leave them filled. Research has found that those entering the workforce during this time of financial volatility value three things: independence, community, and fulfilling work above all else.

“I really appreciated that they let me focus on my family and let me take care of what needs to be done at home as well when those needs arise,” said Ben Merk, who works at El Toro.

To view the full research study, click here.

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