NBDA Bicycle Buying 2021 Consumer Research Study Identifies New DTC Commerce Channel – 20-inch Urban Electric Bike

Irvine, Calif. (March 1, 2022) – Heather Mason, President of the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBAD), today announced that the 2021 Consumer Bike Buying Research Study has identified a new style of bike aggressively marketed and sold by DTC trade and soon to be available at a retailer near you. you: the 20-inch urban e-bike.

“In reviewing the data and corresponding with retailers and other resellers and their employees, it has become clear that (1) over the past two years, the Direct To Consumer (DTC) commerce channel has moved into an early stage of maturity, (2) DTC’s leading e-bike brands are primarily electric/electric-assisted, and (3) DTC’s leading e-bike brands have established several new e-bike product segments, including the so- saying “Electric BMX,” which we refer to as the 20-inch urban e-bike,” Mason said.

The NBDA’s consumer research study was the first to identify and report the emergence and growth over the past two years of the new DTC commerce channel for bicycles and e-bikes and to provide data details on American adults who identify with this new DTC retail channel and the innovative functionality of the new throttle-assisted e-bikes – and future purchase intent!

Jay Townley, futurist resident at Human-powered solutions added, “The NBDA Consumer Research Study provides current data on emerging e-bike activity and category in the U.S. market and identifies consumer preferences and future purchase intentions. This research will be used to guide an expanded chapter on the rise of e-bikes in the NBDA’s upcoming 2021 U.S. Bicycle Market Overview Report.”

The 2021 Consumer Bike Purchase Research Study is available in vendor and retailer versions. The vendor version consists of 150 PowerPoint slides with analysis prepared by Keith Storey and his team at Sports marketing surveys. The complete supplier report is available on the NBDA website for $5,000 ($4,500 for NBDA associate members). The cost of the NBDA Bicycle Retailer Membership Report is $399 and highlights not only the data, but also strategic and tactical suggestions that retailers can use in their planning.

“Mainstream brands are focusing on ‘traditional’ bike-based e-bike designs. DTC brands have gone beyond traditional bike dressing to create designs based on a variety of innovative adaptations of scooter and motorcycle products from around the world. We see adventure, urban, lifestyle, active and street products. This is something retailers and the industry as a whole need to take note of,” Mason said.

On March 30, the NBDA will host a webinar, open to everyone in the industry, to further examine the important information contained in the vendor report and present and highlight key data slides contained therein – the webinar will feature Keith Storey, president of Sports Marketing Surveys and principal investigator and author of the research study.

The NBDA has relationships with associate members who already offer bikes in the mentioned category of 20-inch urban e-bikes on the DTC and retail trade channels. These are well-known emerging brands SWFTand juice bikes.

For those looking for more information on the report and data findings, we suggest checking out the 4-part webinar series the NBDA hosted earlier this year that covers the report findings. Recordings are available on the NBAD Youtube channel.


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