QU-Health and HMC team up for research skills webinar series


Experts from Qatar University-Health (QU-H) and Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) collaborated to design and deliver a comprehensive series of CPD research aimed at building the confidence and competence of healthcare professionals in the field. of research.

The second in the six-part interactive webinar series welcomed participants from Qatar and beyond to discuss the skills required to research and interpret published literature. This essential component of conducting research helps healthcare professionals identify relevant and most recent published evidence applicable to their healthcare practice.
“Healthcare professionals are required to keep their skills and knowledge up to date with the latest and best data to support their patients,” said Dr Zachariah Nazar, coordinator of QU-H CPD.
“This interactive session provided participants with practical examples of how this skill can be applied to highly relevant areas of practice, for example emerging evidence published around Covid-19,” Nazar said.
Among other topics, the session informed participants about potential sources of bias in published research, the process of performing a solid literature review, and how literature can be searched to help answer related questions. to practice.
The session was chaired by Dr Daoud al-Badriyeh, Associate Professor at the College of Pharmacy, QU-Santé.
“This is a critical time for healthcare professionals to develop their research skills. There is published research that can be biased and contain inaccurate conclusions, and so it is important that they can recognize this and not be misled, ”al-Badriyeh said.
“I felt that this session met the learning objectives and I was very satisfied with the high level of interaction with the participants,” he added.
Prof. Dr Marcus Lance, Head of Research, Department of Anesthesiology at HMC and Myriam ElJaam, Teaching Assistant at College of Pharmacy, QU-Health, also presented in this session.
Lance acknowledged the enthusiasm of the participants and congratulated QU-Health and HMC for leading this initiative.
“Such initiatives make so much sense. In Qatar we have a large pool of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who wish to contribute to the development of their peers, we must recognize QU-Health CPD and HMC for bringing us together for this series, ”said Lance.
Participants from all health sectors in Qatar joined the interactive live webinar which was broadcast live on YouTube to an international audience.
The CPD series was co-designed by QU-Health and HMC following strategic meetings to discuss the learning and training needs of healthcare professionals in Qatar.


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