School of Hospitality Business Management seeks participants for pasta research study – WSU Insider

The Washington State University School of Hospitality Business Management is seeking up to 300 participants for a pasta taste survey at Black Cypress Restaurant in Pullman, Washington.

The survey will take place from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. starting Tuesday, October 5, with additional dates to follow at Black Cypress, 215 E. Main St., Pullman. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and pre-register by calling Black Cypress at 509-334-5800. Each participant will receive two pasta samples and take a short quiz on texture and flavor preferences. Participants will receive a $ 20 Black Cypress gift card and groups are encouraged to register together for the same table.

The investigation is part of a collaborative study between the hotel school’s Marriott Hospitality Culinary Innovation Center, USDA ARS Western Wheat Quality Lab, and Pullman’s Black Cypress restaurant.

“We are examining the sensory differences between two samples of locally grown wheat pasta,” said Jessica Murray. Murray is a WSU doctorate candidate in hospitality involved in the study led by Craig Morris, assistant professor at the WSU and director of the Wheat Lab, and Jamie Callison, executive chief of the WSU Carson College of Business.

“This study will ideally result in two research papers,” she said, “One examines local food preferences in your home – not at destination – and the impact COVID-19 may have had on those. preferences. Additionally, we compare two different local pasta samples developed by the USDA. “

The study is funded by an Agricultural Research Services Innovation Grant. The work is part of the WSU Grand Challenges, a series of research initiatives aimed at major societal issues. It is particularly relevant to the challenge of sustainable resources and its themes of providing food, energy and water for future generations.

Paul N. Strickland