SJI residents with Parkinson’s disease needed for research study

Submitted by Val Curtis.

PADs is looking for volunteers living on San Juan Island who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease to participate in a new research study to determine if there is a relationship between a proven marker of neurological disease (ND ) and alert responses from Parkinson’s disease alert dogs. . If you’re familiar with PADs, you know that dogs sniff T-shirt samples from sample donors for an odor associated with Parkinson’s disease. For this study, volunteer participants will provide a T-shirt sample for canine detection and a secondary sample to be tested in the lab for the marker of neurological disease. Ongoing analysis of the ND marker and T-shirt sample of study participants will help determine whether the odor associated with Parkinson’s disease varies with the progression and stages of the disease. A better understanding of the disease brings us one step closer to the cause.

This study will begin in January 2022. To volunteer, contact Lisa Holt at [email protected] or 360-298-5494. For more information, visit and

Paul N. Strickland