The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies publishes a “Basic research study on the feasibility of paratroopers”


ARLINGTON, Virginia., November 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Releases the Results of a Multi-Month Study for the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) titled: “Parastronaut Feasibility Foundational Research Study.” NASA hired the Institute to identify what it would take to transport disabled astronauts safely to space and to Earth.

For years, NASA has selected astronauts based on certain physical parameters, including full and unhindered use of limbs with little or no consideration for applicants who might not meet those criteria. This study focuses specifically on astronauts with certain physical disabilities, including those with lower leg impairments, short stature, and / or leg length differences, among others. The Institute consulted with medical experts, military leaders, industry leaders, other organizations and stakeholders, and subject matter experts, including former astronauts Former NASA administrator, the division general Charles bolden and former NOAA administrator Dr. Kathy sullivan. With their guidance, this report outlines policy recommendations, technical, medical and operational hurdles, and considerations to ensure that would-be paratroopers can fly safely and contribute to space missions.

CEO of the Potomac Institute Dr. Jennifer buss said, “There are ways to send paratroopers safely into space. It is critical that NASA and space agencies around the world seek to include a wider range of space flight candidates and do not rule out any potential astronaut candidates due to physical limitations that do not match current technological and medical advances. Our conclusions and recommendations stem from months of data collected from interviews, research and other methodologies. “

The Institute has two versions of the report to publish. You can read an abridged version of the report here and the full version of the report is available here which will link to the Institute’s website. For interview requests with Institute staff or our subject matter experts, please contact the Director of Communications Jean Mecham To [email protected].

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