The results of a new collective health research study were reported by researchers at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (The door is open, but not everyone can enter: racial inequalities in access to health care through three Brazilian surveys): Health and medicine – Collective health research

26 OCT 2021 (NewsRx) – By a Journalist-Staff News Editor at Daily Insurance News – Investigators publish new report on health and medicine – Collective health research. According to information from Florianopolis, Brazil, by reporters at NewsRx, the research said: “Health policies in Brazil have sought to expand access to health care and reduce inequalities, but recent revisions to their content have weakened the Brazilian unified health system. This study estimates three health care indicators through three national surveys conducted in 2008, 2013 and 2019 to assess the impact of changes to the national primary care policy on racial inequalities in health care.

Financial support for this research came from the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnologico (CNPQ).

Journalists got research citation from Federal University Santa Catarina, “Taking into account the survey design and sampling weights, we estimated the prevalence of each outcome among whites and blacks for the entire country, and by Brazilian regions. We test the following hypotheses: Compared to whites, blacks had a higher frequency of Family Health Strategy coverage, a lower frequency of health insurance coverage and a higher frequency of perceived difficulties accessing services. health (H1); Racial inequalities decreased over the ten-year period but remained constant between 2013-2019 (S2); Racial differences have widened between regions with a lower proportion of blacks (H3). Our results fully support H1, but not H2 and H3. Racial inequalities have remained constant or decreased over the period 2013-2019. “

According to reporters, the research concluded: “By downplaying the importance of the principles of universality and equity, the latest revision of the national primary care policy has contributed to the persistence of racial inequalities in health care.

For more information on this research, see: The door is open, but not everyone Can enter: Racial inequalities in access to health care in three Brazilian surveys. Science & Saude Coletiva, 2021; 26 (9): 3981-3990. Science & Saude Coletiva can be contacted at: Abrasco-assoc Brasileira Pos-graduacao & Saude Coletiva, Avenida Brasil, 4036, Sala 700 Manguinhos-1, Rio de Janeiro, 21040-36, Brazil.

Our press correspondents point out that further information can be obtained by contacting Hélène Mendès Constant, Federal University Santa Catarina, Programa Posgrad Saude Colet, Campus Univ Trindade, Br-88040970 Florianopolis, Sc, Brazil. Additional authors of this research include João Luiz Bastos and Gerson Luiz Marinho.

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