Top 5 career fields for those with strong research skills

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Everything the world has today, be it history or technology, is the product of research and analysis. Without research, humans could not understand the why, when and how of things. Currently, the world is changing at high speed. It has therefore become necessary, both for the organization and for government authorities, to rely on research studies to monitor the change in progress. This has created a demand for people with strong research skills.

Having strong research skills involves having a natural curiosity to dig deeper into a particular topic, being able to seek out information, especially that which is not readily available, paying close attention to detail, taking notes and communicate research data to the public. in a simplified format.

Each individual begins to develop basic research skills either at the bachelor’s level or permanently at the master’s level through a research-based assignment or project. It’s up to you to decide how much effort you put into research. If you find yourself completely engaged in research, then maybe you enjoy it.

For people with strong research skills, here are some top career fields to consider:

UX Researcher

Just as it is crucial for any other business to understand its customers, it is important for every digital platform or any business to have a digital presence to know and understand its users. This is where UX research comes in. A UX researcher uses dedicated methods to find out what part of the digital platform, be it a mobile app or a website, users like, dislikes and expectation, what their needs, behaviors and motivations are. It helps to design the interface accordingly. UX researchers help companies improve the quality of products and services for users using a variety of techniques, some of which include observation, surveys, usability testing, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies . They also ensure that users receive what they expect and want, i.e. quality and ease of navigation on the digital platform.

Market analyst:

Also called Market researchers, carry out market research for companies by studying customers, potential customers and competitors. They are also looking for potential new markets that companies can tap into to increase their profits. The data collected can provide vital information to businesses and help them make business decisions. It also helps companies to develop marketing strategies and stay in demand across multiple industries. Majors in any of these fields can help prepare you for this job:

  • Business Administration
  • Economy
  • Marketing
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Statistics


To make this your career field, you will need to complete a postgraduate program in MSc Actuarial Science or MSc Mathematics or both. This job involves studying, analyzing and managing a company’s financial risks. This involves understanding and decoding data, recognizing liabilities and risks, identifying trends, and more. using advanced statistics and modeling. You should also have good math skills. In this role, you will have to formulate strategies, make the decisions necessary to eliminate risks and also propose solutions to complex financial problems.


An economist is usually required to study postgraduate programs like a master’s degree in economics, a master’s degree in applied science, or a doctorate in economics. It is one of the most popular and equally important professions. Economists are required by both private business and government to collect and analyze financial and socioeconomic data and make suggestions to solve complex economic problems or help formulate useful economic policies. Economists study the production and distribution of resources, goods, and services on a broader level by collecting and analyzing data, researching trends, and evaluating economic problems.

Computer and information researchers

This profession requires you to have a master’s degree in computer science or a doctorate in computer science. A computer and information researcher is given the responsibility of researching new uses for existing technology. The research they do is also used to build new technologies or new features in computer technologies.

These research-based jobs are beneficial for those with strong research skills. They not only guarantee bright career prospects but are also one of the highest paying jobs ever.

Paul N. Strickland