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Research skills have proven to be imperative in advancing one’s career. This is so because these skills provide an individual with the advantage of discernment and inspire him to action.

Research is most needed in writing reports, developing new products as well as tracking competitors. It also helps identify customer needs, keep abreast of constantly evolving technologies as well as market improvements.

In general, research skills mean gathering information and presenting it, but in most cases it involves finding information from different sources using your critical thinking skills to analyze the information.

Why are research skills important at work?

There is no doubt that every employer would look for employees with excellent research skills because they can come up with new ideas for better ways of running the organization.

Fred Omondi, an engineer working with a construction company called Arch grid consultant Ltd, believes that being able to research your career area and the industry in general will show how dedicated and ambitious a person is.

He notes that research skills are useful in a wide variety of roles.

Reasons why research is vital

The main objectives of research are believed to be to inform action, collect evidence for theories, and contribute to the development of knowledge in a field of study.

Omondi says conducting research is important because it is a tool for developing knowledge and facilitating learning in all fields.

He adds that many do not perceive that research is only required for students and academics, noting that this applies to all professionals and non-professionals.

“The main objective of the research is to acquire knowledge about the world and skills to help them survive and improve their lives in general,” he says.

Brain Research UK (formerly Brain Research Trust), a UK-based medical research charity, recognizes the importance of research in building knowledge.

He sees research as crucial to finding possible cures for diseases and ways to prevent them. Thus, research is needed to determine whether a person’s ideas are supported by previous studies or if those ideas still need further evidence to be considered knowledge.

In addition, it has been established that research encourages finding the most recent information available in certain fields, in particular scientific, there is always new information and discoveries in progress.

Plus, staying up to date helps prevent falling behind and giving out information that is inaccurate or doesn’t paint the big picture. With the latest information, we’ll be better equipped to talk about a topic and build on ideas.

Diane Nawatti, school counselor and principal, believes that when you are well informed, people are more likely to take what they say or present more seriously, which therefore helps to build their credibility.

She says doing research also gives them a solid foundation on which to build their ideas and opinions.

“It’s very obvious that when you go back to research results, it gives them the confidence to present their work knowing that they are not only accurate, but that their information is also reliable,” she says. .

How to improve your research skills

You can develop your research skills by applying them to different activities.

Studies show that in order to improve research skills, it is important to learn to recognize a good source, noting that not all sources are reliable, so it is crucial that you can recognize good sources from not so good.

To determine a reliable source, you must use your analytical skills and critical thinking, and also consider whether the chosen sources agree with other sources you have found.

Additionally, it is important to verify information from multiple sources, as many websites do not review their content for factual accuracy.

This does mean, however, that there are many unreliable resources out there, and even many that are downright incorrect. The best way to combat this is to make sure that whatever you find in your research several different sources can verify to be true.

Rather than leaving a web page, make sure that at least two other places agree with their previous information.

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